I don’t believe any artist should need to justify what they do. Different people have different tastes. One will like a particular image whilst another will not. If I were to be asked why I produce some of the images I come up with, my answer would have to be “because I can”.

To photograph something ordinary and mundane and turn it into something interesting. To provoke curiosity and challenge perception. To create something that is almost believable, but not quite real.

I find living on the Costa del Sol does not offer too many photographic opportunities. There are few rolling landscapes and the weather is pretty constant. I'm a rebel who likes to think he’s breaking new ground, but then I’ve always been slightly off the wall.

Photography means a lot to me. It always has. That is why I'm proud to be a member of the Royal Photographic Society and a founder member of The Image Group here on the Costa del Sol.

Mike Naylor FRPS

P.S. I have lots of used audio and video equipment I need to sell. Too much to list here, so please take a look at www.wrinklyfilm.com.


Recent Works Exhibition
20th January 2015
Casa de la Cultura de Las Lagunas.
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RPS Fellowship
28th November 2014
Feeling Cancer.
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RPS Advisory in Spain
19th June 2014
The very first RPS Advisory Day held in Spain.
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Equipment For Sale
11th April 2014
In a previous life, I made videos.
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Hotel Mijas Exhibition
01st March 2014
One month in Mijas Pueblo.
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