Irrational Physics - Mike Naylor (Spain)

The Heustic Approach To Science

Searching For Interaction

mike naylor with empty former

Interaction: a mutual or reciprocal action or influence.

An apparatus to emit gravity waves? Let's call it a desktop gravity machine or gravity generator, but will it work? Is it possible this DIY project can produce artificial gravity? I've spent quite some time devising an experiment to find out.

Rational For Being Irrational

If I were a scientist with a PhD in physics and mathematics, I probably wouldn't be spending my time and money doing the things I do. But, in blissful ignorance, I believe modern science has become overwhelmed with hypothetical theories which only attempt to explain the mysteries of the universe. Exotic names and acronyms, chosen to excite our imagination, created to justify some anomaly and resolve yet another decipherable mathematical equation.

Fortunately, I didn't go to university. It is for this reason that my mind is free to explore areas that may not have been visited before. I am free to devise experiments which others may find irrational. Experiments that almost certainly fail. I’m tired of building stuff that is guaranteed to work.

These things do intrigue me and I would love to know more. The scientists investigating the unexplained shroud their theories with mathematical formula and conjure up new descriptors such as (with magnets, for example) virtual photons. Their community rule seems to be; if you have a new theory, invent a catchy title that will inspire the imagination of others. Perhaps I'm being cynical.

I Wonder If

Nevertheless, I often wonder if phenomena could be more quickly unwrapped by performing a number of random off-the-wall experiments. Human analyses is based on prior knowledge, which has often been found to be wrong. So maybe chaotic discovery can find answers sooner. If this could be true, then idiots like me might unlock the secrets of the universe in far less time - without needing a PhD in mathematics.

Irrational expectation is how young children discover. They pick up things and drop them and discover whether they break or bounce. Despite being warned, they touch fire and learn for themselves. I've never met a two year old with a PhD. To be fair, as with the monkey and typewriter, perhaps the scientific community also need more time, but it seems the time required to solve the answer to everything is exponentially proportional to the number of questions being asked. A heuristic approach might well be quicker.

The Experiment

The experiment is designed to induce an interaction between an electric field and a magnetic field in the hope of creating those unidirectional waves we call gravity. If that happens, I think we'll have something that could be called a gravity generator. This would not be like the artificial gravity expierenced within a centrifuge, because there are no moving parts.