Irrational Physics - Mike Naylor (Spain)

Apparatus to Generate Gravity

Fundamental Forces

The experiment is based on the assumption that electric and magnetic forces are the only fundamental forces from which all other manifestations appear. Light, for example, is electromagnetic. Gravity is thought to be different, because it possesses only one sign of change instead of two. The following experiment is designed to discover if its possible to combine these two forces and revoke current thinking. Its irrational of course, and its probably a complete waste of time, effort and money, but who knows? I don’t think anybody has tried this before.

The apparatus employed is as follows…

Magnetic Force Generator

magnetic force generator

The Magnetic Force Generator consists of four separate 230 turn coils wound on a square PVC former. This was quite expensive, because it needed 1Kg of copper wire, but why is it square? There were two reasons for that. First, because I wanted to maximise the inside width in order to accommodate larger copper plates (below) , but also because I’m not very good at cutting circular holes.

Electric Force Generator

electric force generator

The Electric Force Generator has two pairs of opposing copper plates by a PVC slider. The plates are tapered and diverge along their length. The slider allows the narrow focus tip to be positioned anywhere along the length of the enclosing Magnetic Force Generator.

Wave Exciter, Power Driver & Voltage Multiplier

electronics package

The electronics package is entirely home brew and purpose built for the experiment. The Power Driver (centre) takes input from the Waveform Generator and provides outputs to the Magnetic Force Generator and Electric Force Generator via the Wave Exciter left and Voltage Multiplier (right) .

Power Supply, Digital Oscilloscope & Waveform Generator

siglent test equipment

I’m fortunate to possess some half decent test equipment. Particularly, a Siglent SPD3303X-E Programmable DC Power Supply (left) , a Siglent SDG1032X Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator (centre) , and a Siglent SDS1202X-E Digital Storage Oscilloscope (right) .

Digital Sensors

digital sensors

The assembly can accomodate various sensors. Shown here is the single chip LSM303DLHC Magnetometer & Accelerometer. Sensors are connected by I²C serial to an Arduino Single Board Micro Controller. The USB interface communicates serial data to an Apple iMac for display and analysis (below) . The assemby can be postioned back and forth when in use.

Display & Analysis

display and analysis

The sensor digital outputs are displayed as 3D vector plots, using Python & MatPlotLib on a 27" Apple iMac computer. After positioning the sensor with the Gravity Generator switched off, the local magnetic field & acceleration values can be normalised to zero. This enables any small change to be more easily observed when the power is restored.