Irrational Physics - Mike Naylor (Spain)

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Standing Tall & Proud

the test rig

I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Well, as best one can be with only glue and a Stanley knife.

Some Acronyms Of My Own

SENILE - Subjective Evaluation Not Involving Logical Experiments
SMILE - Silly Methods Involving Ludicrous Experiments
CHRIS - Chaotic Hierarchical Reasoning In Science
HEUIT - Heuristic Experiment Using Irrational Theory
SALTIE - Some Acronym Leading To Irrational Experiments
YASA - Yet Another Stupid Acronym

Source Code

I'm happy to share the code for the sensors, without support , and I'll update these as things move forward.

Arduino code to read the sensors : :

Python code for the two 3D plots : :

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