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A Zero Budget Movie

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So, what do the Expat Brits do, sitting by the pool all day on the Costa del Sol, whilst drinking gin & tonic?

On this site, you'll find some of the videos Mike Naylor FRPS has produced over the years. In particular, there's the full version of the movie Black Forest Gateau , a feature length comedy from 2008. It was filmed entirely in Andalucia, which lies on the Mediterranean coast of Southern Spain.

The story is about a group of retired Brits who spend their winter months reminiscing and putting the World to right. They become inspired by a news item about a bungled post office robbery back in the UK, and begin to think that they can plan the perfect heist...

The cast includes: Colin Pollard, Stephen Tomlinson, Lynn Halliday, Dorothy Clarke, Trevor Cooper, Gloria Harding, Ken Stevens.

Of course, its impossible to make a movie with 'zero budget', but when everyone involved contributes their time and enthusiasm for free, the producer (i.e. me) doesn't have to raise five million dollars. He just digs deep and plunges himself into poverty! There never was a chance of 'Black Forest Gateau' going commercial, but who knows? There's still time.