Wrinkly Film - Mike Naylor (Spain)

Black Forest Gateau

Genre: Comedy Drama - Duration: 104 minutes - Filmed: 2007/8

Black Forest Gateau


Set on The Costa del Sol, a group of retired Brits are spending their winter months, reminiscing and putting the World to right. Inspired by a recent news item about a blundered post office robbery back in the UK, they begin to think they could plan the perfect heist.

The movie was completed in 2008 and appears on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). It was entered and accepted by the Marbella International Film Festival in the same year. Making it was great fun, but it didn't win any prizes.

The movie was finally premiered at the Salón Varietés Theatre in Fuengirola to a packed audience of 300 people, after some lengthy discussions regarding who pays for the large screen and projection equipment should no one turn up and watch it - for which I agreed to underwrite any loss, providing any profit would be donated to charity. In fact, we were sold out within 48 hours of the tickets going on sale and a second showing would have been justified.

Tickets cost €10 each, but from the takings only €1,000 was donated to the Cudeca Foundation, a hospice for terminal cancer, and the Salón hung on to the rest.