Wrinkly Film - Mike Naylor (Spain)

Rally Sport 82

Genre: Sport Documentary - Duration: 32 minutes - Filmed: 1982

Rally Sport 82


There's more going on 'behind the scenes' during an event such as this than most people are probably aware. The hundreds of volunteers who marshal and time the stages, the service crews who keep the cars running, and the thousands of spectators who trek miles to watch. I wanted to document this 'other side' of International Rally Sport.

With a borrowed pre-production Hi-Band U-Matic Camcorder, I and two friends slept in our rented estate car and followed as much as was possible for the full 5 days of the event. It rained continuously and we were beset with technical problems throughout. Shooting video on location was almost unheard of back then in 1982 - especially when its windy, raining and dark! These were the pioneering days of ENG (Electronic News Gathering).

Out amateur film was accepted and scheduled to be broadcast by Yorkshire Television, but the ACTT trade union decided to black it at the eleventh hour. They said it was a film that they should have made.